Apple iPhone4 reviewed

iPhone 4 review

The iPhone 4 was met with great excitement from the general public and tech savvy reviewers due to the fact that by now iPhone is clearly one of the leading mobile smartphone brands.  However, despite the great deal of excitement surrounding the high resolution screen, slim dimensions, and HD recording there were still a few flaws (notably the fact that one’s hand can block the cellular signal).

Regardless of this, six months after its release the iPhone4 is still one of the most coveted mobiles on the market and for good reason because it did manage to upgrade the previous model and trump the market at its release.

At first, iPhone3 users will notice that the mobile is smaller at only 115.2mm x 58.6mm x 9.3mm even though it is the same weight.  Made of stainless steel with a glass industrial design, the mobile is supposed to be ten times stronger than the previous model and is only available in black this time around.

With ports for headphones, a 3.5mm in/out, and of course the power outlet.  Most impressive outside of the camera overload, is the stunning 326 per inch pixel display sporting a 960 x 640 resolution which pretty much tops the entire mobile market in clarity.

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